Affiliate Marketing Glossar

  • abandonment
    <p>When a website visitor leaves an item in an online shopping cart without completing the transaction.</p>
  • account balance
    <p>Money that a publisher has earned through its advertisers' publisher programs that has not yet been rolled into a payment. In the CJ Network, also refers to an advertiser's account balance based on the funding they have provided to CJ less any publisher commissions that have been earned and the corresponding CJ transaction fees.</p>
  • action
    <p>An event (sale or lead) on an advertiser&rsquo;s website for which an advertiser pays a commission to a referring publisher.</p>
  • action ID
    <p>CJ-assigned number that identifies an action and the associated commission and tracking settings. The action type displays in CJ Network include: Simple sale, simple lead, ect.</p>
  • action lifecycle
    <p>The number of days a transaction can be corrected. Either <em>Standard Lifecycle</em> (actions are locked on the 10th of the month unless you extend them) or <em>Custom Lifecycle (a</em>ctions are locked after a specified number of days - select a number between 7 and 60 days in the drop-down menu).</p>
  • action referral period
    <p>The time period during which an advertiser allows their cookies to remain active to credit publishers for their referrals. Action referral periods are determined by the visitor&#39;s last click-through to an advertiser&#39;s website and must be between 1 and 120 days.</p>
  • active publisher
    <p>Refers to a publisher account that has generated impressions and/or click-throughs within a certain period; a traffic-generating publisher.</p>
  • ad blocker
    <p>Software based programs that prevent online advertisements from displaying.</p>
  • ad network publisher
    <p>CJ publisher who&#39;s promotional method focuses on working with third-party agencies and other affiliate marketing companies to earn commissions.</p>
  • ad stream
    <p>The series of ads displayed to the user during a single visit to a website (also impression stream).</p>
  • ad display/ad delivered
    <p>When an ad is successfully displayed on the user&#39;s computer screen.</p>
  • advanced links
    <p>CJ link type. Advanced links create interaction beyond a simple click, allowing for advertisers to capture more information about the user. Search fields and drop-down menus are examples of the interaction you create with advanced links. Use advanced links to create other types of links, including: dynamic links, pop-ups/pop-unders, flash-compatible links.</p>
  • advertiser
    <p>A company that sells a product or service, accepts payments, and fulfills orders online. Advertisers partner with publishers to help promote their products and services. Publishers place an advertiser&rsquo;s ad, text links, or product links on their website or include them in email campaigns and search listings in exchange for commissions on leads or sales. Also known in affiliate marketing as a &ldquo;merchant.&rdquo;</p>
  • Advertiser Advisory Board (AAB)
    <p>A forum of market-leading advertisers and members of the CJ Network who serve as the voice for their community. CJ consults with these industry leaders to identify strategic opportunities and challenges and solicits their input.</p>
  • advertiser CID (company ID)
    <p>The unique identifying number for an advertiser&#39;s program. This number appears at the top of each advertiser CJ Account Manager pages.</p>
  • Advertiser Order Form (AOF)
    <p>Advertisers receive or manually generate this form to find out how much they owe or need to fund their accounts in order to avoid temporary deactivation (standard advertiser).</p>
  • Advertiser Service Agreement (ASA)
    <p>Legal agreement an advertiser signs when joining CJ.</p>
  • affiliate marketing
    <p>Any type of revenue-sharing program in which a publisher receives a commission for generating online actions (such as leads or sales) for an advertiser; also called performance-based marketing, partner marketing, CPA, associate program, or pay-for-performance program.</p>
  • affiliate solution provider
    <p>A third-party vendor that provides the software and services to administer an affiliate program, including ad serving and tracking, payment and reporting; also called affiliate marketing network.</p>
  • affinity marketing
    <p>Targeting customers based on their established buying patterns.</p>
  • aggregator site
    <p>Website dedicated to gathering content from other third-party websites or from user submissions.</p>
  • AID (ad ID)
    <p>Tag parameter, 4-10 characters in length, that is uniqely assigned to a link in the CJ Account Manager. When a publisher generates HTML link code, the AID appears in the link code to help identify the link.</p>
  • alternative message for link (alt tag)
    <p>Provides advertisers with an opportunity to write in text that would display as a text link should the image for the link not load on the publisher&rsquo;s website. Also known as &ldquo;alt tag.&rdquo;</p>
  • analyzer
    <p>CJ Account Manager user type allowing view, access and edit privileges to the account but cannot change SuperUser settings.</p>
  • anonymizer
    <p><strike>Software or website that blocks a user&rsquo;s Internet Protocol (IP) address from being displayed. </strike></p>
  • application programming interface (API)
    <p>A programming format/interface that a website or a piece of software uses, such as CJ web services via CJ Account Manager, to allow other websites or software to interact with it.</p>
  • applet
    <p>A small, self-contained software application that is most often used by browsers to automatically display animation and/or to perform database queries requested by the user.</p>
  • archived link
    <p>This is creative that an advertiser has removed from their active links, meaning the advertiser no longer wants its publishers to use this link to promote its brand.</p>
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
    <p>A metric that describes the average amount of a purchase. It is calculated by dividing the total value of all purchases by the total number of purchasers over a given time period.</p>
  • attribution
    <p>Marketing and data analysis method used to track an entire sales process from introducer to closer, and across multiple channels (both online and offline).</p>